This is a page which will list all of my favourite things. No quotes from The Sound of Music, please.

This page is constantly changing. I've just started it on a whim, so the little blurbs need expanding upon and I want to put some images in. Check back every so often if you're interested.


It's a pretty standard 'getting to know you' question — "what are your favourite records?" Well, here they are in rough order.

Pinkerton by Weezer

Pinkerton by Weezer

It scary, but apparently I was emo before emo was a thing you could be.

Matt Sharp was one of the main reasons I became a bass player and ended up buying an Orange bass amp.

Endtroducing… by DJ Shadow

Endtroducing... by DJ Shadow

I'll never forget the first time I heard this record. I read a review of it somewhere online, and bought in on vinyl on a whim. This was back when I was really into writing dark, meandering tunes in Impulse Tracker, so you can only imagine the chord it struck with me. It was absolutely incredible that someone could cut pieces from so many different sounds and paste them back together so they sound like they were just meant to be together.
Of course, it's not the technical side of this record I really love — the actual music he's created is pretty darned incredible too.

For the longest time, I thought the whole record was a little more down-tempo than it really was — Mum's LP player had the annoying feature of playing records at 33 RPM instead of 33 1/3.

12 Golden Country Greats by Ween

12 Golden Country Greats by Ween

I'm turning into my dad.

People probably mis-conceive this record as a pisstake, which it's not.

Mclusky Do Dallas

Mclusky Do Dallas

Best rock band of the 2000s (well, so far at least — I'd be happy to be proved wrong). Thanks to Fee B Squared from the 3RRR breakfast show for getting me and many others into this band in the first place.

First time I saw these guys play was at The Tote during the summer of 2003/04 (I think). It was somewhere in the high thirties outside, but inside the sold out Tote, it was unbearably hot and humid. The windows were dripping with condensation, and punters were crowded around the back door, desperate for just a cool breeze. Somehow, these guys from Wales still managed to play with incredible intensity. It was amazing.

The next time they were in town I saw them at the air-conditioned Corner Hotel. Their fan base had grown considerably since their last show, but it didn't feel like a larger show. They seemed to have an ability to really connect with me. I ended up toward the front of the crowd, dancing like a teenager at the Big Day Out. Awesome.

Local Bands

In alphabetical order:

  • The Bakelite Age
  • Love Cuts Kill
  • The Seedy Three
  • The Space Cadets
  • Solid Waste
  • Tiger By The Tail
  • Tri-State Lovers

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  1. bennyp said

    sweet selection. nice one.

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