Melbourne Atlas 2006

August 21, 2006

The Melbourne Atlas 2006 has been made available for free download. From what I’ve seen it pretty much reinforces the stereotypes you probably already hold — Melbourne’s public transport system hasn’t really changed since the 1950s, the highest rates of domestic violence occur in Frankston and Hume, 20-29 year olds live in the inner suburbs, and so on. Still, I love stuff like this.


I've put a new message board up on the Look Who's Toxic web site. I'm planning on applying a theme to it to make it look like our actual web site and to remove all the guff about reviewing membership applications, but for now it's using Vanilla's default theme.

Check it out and get posting already!


January 9, 2006

A brief overview of what I’ve been up to over the last two weeks:

  • Got my hair cut while drunk by my even drunker housemate. I reckon it looks really good… best haircut I’ve had in years.
  • Did the family thing over Christmas. Got nothing but gift vouchers, which was a little disappointing. Then again, I was pretty slack in the gift giving department this year myself.
  • Bought a Nintendo DS, Mario Kart DS, Super Mario 64 DS and Futurama Series 3 with my gift vouchers.
  • Watched the Boxing Day Test. I took my Dad to the third day as his Christmas gift.
  • Played a lot of Nintendo.
  • Maybe met a special someone.
  • Got very drunk on New Years Eve in Robbo’s backyard.
  • Did some recording.
  • Watched the New Year Test.
  • Finally fixed and cleaned my old car so I can sell it.
  • Ate too much, drank too much and didn’t do enough exercise.
  • Played a kickarse gig on Friday night.

This is awesome. SBS is making each weekly episode of John Safran’s new show Speaking In Tongues available as a free video podcast.

Translation for the non-geeks out there: you can now get the weekly episodes of Speaking In Tounges delivered to your computer each week to watch at your leisure. It’s the next best thing to having DVDs mailed to you for free. This is perfect for me. I’m a fan of John Safran, but I don’t get SBS reception at my house.

I am afraid that I’m going a little Podcast crazy though… I’ve now got a 22 podcasts I’m subscribed to, and while I’m interested in all of them, there’s just not enough hours in a day to keep up with them.

Chris Christmas Rodriguez

November 28, 2005

Saw this on Rocketboom (a great video Podcast; iTunes users should go and subscribe to it now):

Vote Chris Christmas Rodriguez this Christmas

George W. Bush in Freefall

November 21, 2005

I’m not overly political, but this is a lot of fun.