Impulse Tracker vs. ProTools

February 27, 2006

It seems that one of the average punters’ favourite things about Look Who’s Toxic are the songs we do with backing tracks played from my iPod. Those backing tracks are all written in a program called Impulse Tracker, a program that predates Fruity Loops, Reason, Logic, or any other sampler/sequencer programs that kids nowadays are using — it even predates Windows 95. The reasons we use it are simple: it’s what I learnt on, I understand what most of the features do, and they do just about everything I need.

One of our Impulse Tracker songs, Do The Fetus, is getting another run as the opener on our upcoming EP. Last night, after getting some very solid advice, Rob and I spent a few hours putting a little extra spit and polish on this new version of the song.

Previously, whenever we’ve used Impulse Tracker in recordings, we’ve composed and mixed the song in Impulse Tracker, and then recorded the result as a stereo signal directly from the line out of the computer. Last night, Rob and I spent a few hours sticking a click track at the very start of every channel, recording each instrument individually, synching up the recordings, and then mixing it in ProTools.

The results were amazing. I’d never really noticed how lifeless and dull things sound coming out of Impulse Tracker until now. The ProTools mix has the lovely deep bass notes and little trebly accents I’d always imagined, but was never quite able to get right. My theory is that the lacklustre sounds are a result of some kind of phrase interference and/or optimisation that’s going on inside Impulse Tracker — remember that this program was designed to run on 386es and can do real-time mixing of up to 64 channels — a very impressive feat in my book.

Now I want to go back and do new mixes of all my old Impulse Tracker songs, but I’m sure Rob wouldn’t be too into that. Maybe if he showed me how to do it in ProTools myself I could give it a wack.


Look Who’s Toxic had an actual band practice last night, which was a refreshing change to sitting in Rob’s bedroom mixing our recordings. We worked on a few new songs, one of which has the working title “Hot Niggaz”. Add this to our recent songs “Asians Feed Me”, “Lebbo Justice Now” and “Tell Me Why I Don’t Trust Homos” and a worrying trend begins to emerge. Maybe Neil and I need to start writing some of the band’s lyrics.

Look Who’s Toxic now has a manager… not an experienced one, but it is someone who believes in what we do and will hopefully be able to sell us better than we can sell ourselves.

We’ve been kinda focused on recording recently, which I’m actually enjoying a little more nowadays (read: “my dread of the recording process had changed to a toleration of the recording process”). This week I laid down the vocals to Neil Moog (Neil would like me to spell this as “Neil Moooog”, but I think he should change the spelling of his name to “Neil Mogue”) and the more I think about them, the more awesome I think they are — not much on blowing my own trumpet, am I? 🙂

Other than that, we played at the Town Hall last weekend which was pretty awesome. Most of the show was recieved really well. The only exceptions were Keith Urban (I’m giving up singing that song as I just can’t do it justice, and Neil needs a song to sing) and Elves In Space (Rob ran out of in-tune guitars with a full compliment of strings, so it sounded like a early, drunken Pavement jam — the idea of which sounds much cooler than the music).

I’m closing my old LiveJournal in favour of Fans of LiveJournal’s Friends page should get themselves a feed aggregator and move into a new era of time wasting.

Look Who’s Toxic exchanged Kris Krindle gifts last night. I got a bike pump and a little Gel Seat Cover so my arse doesn’t kill after riding my bike (in theory — I’m yet to give it a test); Robbo got Knight Rider Season 1 on DVD; and Neil got a copy of Mclusky Do Dallas, which he seems to be enjoying.

I wonder if he’s realised the now obvious irony of my last Kris Krindle related post yet? is Back

December 13, 2005

What happened? Well, it looks like our old host disappeared all of a sudden. Anyway, is back online… kinda. At least my email is working again.

Fucked if I know. Either way, if you need to email me, send it to my Gmail address. I’m going to change hosting companies because I’m a little sick of this.