Missing Records

February 6, 2007

One of the side-effects of re-ripping your CD collection into iTunes is that you get an idea of which CDs you used to own have disappeared. Can anyone help me out by admitting they borrowed one of these CDs and have neglected to return then?

(Rob and Karen — I’m looking in your direction…)


I was browsing the iTunes music store last night when I noticed they were selling this box set of three Bob Dylan albums (Oh Mercy, Time Out of Mind, and Love and Theft) for $0.99, which is even cheaper than the equivalent on allofmp3.com. If you’re interested in Bob Dylan, you might as well grab a copy while the going’s good.

Like any good upwardly mobile young man, you’ve got your record collection in iTunes (probably on an external hard drive, because you’ve got way too many tunes to fit on that piddly 60GB drive that Apple shipped the computer with). You also like the idea of making a mixtape for your sweetie (a-la DJ Rob Gordon), but iTunes gives you no option for doing mixing tracks, which is essential to the carefully crafted emotional message you’re trying to convey.

Your options are to shell out hundereds of dollars for something like ProTools (you’re not that upwardly mobile), or hand-crafting your mix in a wave editing program and losing the ability to mark tracks on your CD. This just isn’t good enough.

Enter iMixtape.

This simple application will allow you to grab tracks from iTunes, place them on a grid, fade them in and out of each other and place track markers. iMixtape will then burn it to a CD for you. It’d look something like this:

Those ‘volume envelopes’ indicate the volume of the track. The top of the track indicates 100% volume, the bottom indicates 0% volume. The ‘envelope points’ are the parts that are dragable. There’s always an envelope point at the start and end of each volume envelope. Additional envelope points can be created by clicking on any point of the volume envelope. You can drag these envelope points around inside the track, and the volume envelope will move to create straight lines between them.

Does this make sense? I think I’d buy this application for $20. It would be fun. Would anyone else?Is this a dumb idea or a good idea?

Anything that lets you buy Weird Al songs instead of records is pretty awesome in my book.