Giving Up

March 15, 2007

I’ve spent seven weeks looking for a one bedroom flat somewhere around either Kensington, Flemington, Yarraville, or Northcote. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been the #2 applicant. I’ve certainly lost count of the number of places I’ve applied for. I’ve offered two year leases. I’ve offered months of rent in advance. I’ve offered more rent than they’ve been asking for. I’ve included pay slips, references from previous landlords, and cover letters.

I still can’t find a place.

Anyone out there know of any share houses looking for people?


2 Responses to “Giving Up”

  1. long lost jade said

    why don’t you move in with rob?

  2. Gavrilin said

    Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

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