iPod Repaired

January 19, 2007

Last week, I finally sent my iPod off for repair. It had been showing the dead iPod icon for quite some time, and the only advice I could get from Apple was “I’m sorry, but it’s cheaper to buy a new one.” I’m happy to report that I got it back today, and everything’s working hunky-dory.

If you’ve got an iPod that needs repair, I can heartily recommend Steven Svitek’s iPod repair service. The entire process cost me less than $80, and he’ll offer to buy your broken iPod from you if it can’t be repaired.


2 Responses to “iPod Repaired”

  1. jade said

    if only Steven Svitek was in canada….. blast you australia. blast you.

  2. Sandy said

    Craig, do you have any forwarding details for Steven Svitek, my ipod needs repair and Steven seems to have dissapeared.

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