Living with a Hernia

January 18, 2007

Karma’s a bitch. After spending most of the previous few days giggling to myself while replaying the music video to Living with a Hernia to myself in my head, I did something odd to a muscle somewhere deep inside my gut. Don’t ask me which muscle it is, but it’s the one that you really need in order to get up out of a seat, roll over in bed, bend over to pick something up, sit down on the toilet … you get the idea. Doing any of these things result in incredible pain.

I think I got this injury on Saturday afternoon by getting into Rob’s car (an average-sized Subaru station wagon from the 1980s), but I’ve got no idea how. Maybe I was tense from listing to Rob and Sam bitch and bicker like an old married couple. Regardless, I’m well on the road to recovery now.

I’m hoping I’ll be close to 100% by Saturday, as I really want to go to The Tote to see The Bakelite Age’s CD launch. Fans of good time rock ‘n’ roll should do the same.


One Response to “Living with a Hernia”

  1. jade said

    ack i hope you get better.
    glad to see that some things haven’t changed… ie. sam and rob bickering. bahaha!

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