Nothing left to believe in

December 7, 2006

I can forgive Oxford University Press Australia for having an ugly, poorly laid-out web site. Building web sites ain’t their bag. What I can’t forgive is poor grammar from the publisher who is supposed to define the English language. From their Site Map:

  • Is Oxfords site secure?
  • What is Oxfords return policy?
  • How do I get my name on Oxfords mailing list or obtain a catalogue?

It’s pretty simple stuff. Oxford is a proper noun. When it posseses things, it has an “‘s” tacked on the end. Oxford’s site. Oxford’s return policy. Oxford’s mailing list.


One Response to “Nothing left to believe in”

  1. mattymcg said

    Yeah baby! You’ll always be a pedantic editor! You can’t fight it! 🙂

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