November 8, 2006

I won $115 on the cup yesterday; I had five $5 bets: Art Success to win, Art Success to place, Delta Blues to win, Delta Blues to place, and Tarqueet to win. My winnings covered the cost of a boozy afternoon out very nicely.


5 Responses to “Giddyup”

  1. jade said

    did you go to the cup!? I DID! i won 30!! but you won way more.


  2. Nah, I’ve never been to the Melbourne Cup and doubt I ever will. The night after Derby Day I almost got into a few fights with drunk guys in suits. I was just walking from my place to Pony to see The Grannykillers, sober as a judge, and guys were coming up to me asking if I wanted to fight with them. Those suits are scary once they get a few Crown Lagers into them.

  3. zorburt said

    what!? taht is so insane!!!!! fighting is bad.

    hey! that dinosaur picture you have from the dinosaur comic is based in toronto! the artist went to my university! small world.

  4. So you went to school with the great Ryan North, eh?

    I’m a big fan of the Dinosaur Comics. I’ve even got a T-Rex t-shirt.

  5. jade said

    me too! (have a tshirt)
    maybe if i can find it in my myriad of suitcases i’ll wear it tonight at your…. last gig!? WTF?? ANYWAY don’t count on it…. you’ll be lucky if i show up in anything other than my pajamas which is the only thing i can find right now besides dirty underwear and my coats.

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