July 14, 2006

I just realised that I haven’t written anything about my recent trip up to Sydney.

For the uninitiated, I was invited up to Sydney last weekend to do a DJ set at the launch party for Chaos Is An Order Edition #2, which features an interview with Look Who’s Toxic. I’d always wanted to DJ, so I jumped at the chance to do it — my theory was that if I stuffed it up badly, at least I wouldn’t know anyone in the audience

Despite a serious lack of sleep and the beginnings of a cold, I had an awesome time.

After getting home from Buck 65 the previous night around 1:30am, I was up again at 5:00am and in Sydney by 8:30am. I spent most of the morning wandering the streets of the city, drinking coffee and trying to find some clothes to buy. I didn’t find anything.

My hotel room became available at 2:00pm. I’d never DJed before and was feeling pretty nervous, so I spent most of the afternoon listening to tunes on my iPod, making little notes that would help me along the way and drawing a big, convoluted chart of what songs I felt would run into with other songs well.

Around 7:00pm I found the venue, had a few drinks and met up with the organisers of the party. I wasn’t supposed to be starting until 10:00, but I figured I’d need a few drinks to calm my nerves. Thankfully I got to have a play with the CD players and the mixer, so I was kind of familiar with what I was doing.

The turnout for the launch was pretty disappointing, but that was fine by me — the combination of the whiskey and lower than expected numbers meant I went into my set with my confidence sky-high.

The first song I played (Dang by Buck 65, taken from Strong Arm) was recieved very, very well — pretty girls and record nerds (two of my favourite kinds of people) were coming up to the desk, asking about the song and letting me know they thought it was awesome, which was really cool. Unfortunately some of the record nerds bum rushed my set and started playing an obscure 7″ record from the 80s which was a bit of a bummer, but I got to play out the rest of my set, so that was cool.

After that, the story follows the usual downhill path you’ve probably come to expect from me. I ran into Spod and got talking with the pretty girls from the party, but the ol’ memory starts getting a little shaky after that point. The next thing I remember is waking up in my hotel room alone and fully clothed at 4:00am.

Anyway, in summary, if anyone needs a DJ to play Rock, Pop, Electro, Hip Hop and Country music, give me a call. I’d definitely be up for it again.


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