June 28, 2006

We have a new housemate!

Welcome Rob from Dr. Invisiablo to the Roden Street fold.

Speaking of Roden Street, I did finally fall down those stairs at home (just after showing a prospective housemate through the place and making the comment “I’ve lived here for two and a half years and have never fallen down them”), but thankfully I was sober enough to get away with nothing but a sore left leg and arm.

P.S. After deciding that fuckinghelldude.net wasn’t such a wise choice of domain name (Google doesn’t like swearing), I’ve registered craiga.id.au as my domain name. WordPress.com now has an export function, but I need to wait for WordPress 2.1 for the import function (EDIT: it looks like I might be waiting a while; it’s only 34% complete at the moment).


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