A Horrible Dream

May 29, 2006

After finishing work on Friday, I somehow managed to drag myself all the way home, pull my spent body into bed and fall into a deep, deep sleep. I was so exhausted after a really tough week I barely remember any of this, but I do remember what I dreamt of that night.

It was a cold, cold night at the MCG. I'd met up with some friends and friends of friends — all of us Dogs supporters in full livery — and we staked out a claim about eight rows back on the top floor of the new Ponsford stand. There were a lot of Collingwood supporters milling about, but I had a sneaking suspicion that our Dogs would do well against the more favored Pies.

And for the first quarter, they did. The crowd were highly entertained by a high scoring, free flowing brand of footy. 'Eccy' Eagleton starred for the Dogs, racking up 15 touches in that first quarter. We went into quarter time one goal up and feeling good about the remainder of the match.

In the second quarter, my dream quickly took a turn of the worse. Bob Murphy had somehow found himself contesting a mark against Anthony Rocca inside Collingwood's 50 metre arc. Murphy backed into the bigger man and they both leaped for the ball. During the contest, one of Murphy's gangly legs got tangled up between Rocca's. Rocca, being the much stronger of the two, came back down to early solidly with a strong grip on the ball. Murphy's desperate lunge for the footy had sent him falling uncontrollably. His leg, still caught between Rocca's, contorted to a sickening angle that no human knee could stand. The Bulldog medical staff rushed onto the field with a stretcher, and after a few minutes of fussing about, it was clear that Murphy would take no further part in the Dogs' season.

Thankfully, it was all just a dream.


One Response to “A Horrible Dream”

  1. Rob said

    Man, you call that a nightmare? Where’s the death, cannibalisation, giant spiders, inability to run and your dick dropping off?

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