Good Idea or Dumb Idea? #4 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Footy

April 25, 2006

I guess this idea is very similar to my Licenced To Ill 2006 idea, but I reckon it'd be very cool if someone — say the RRR, The Espy and The Sacred Heart Mission — got sixteen bands to each record one club's theme song. They could stick them on one CD, which can then be sold for $8 each. That's 50 cents per song, so you don't feel too ripped off at having a 15 minute version of Freo Way To Go ruined by some electo-anarcho-punk collective. All profits from the CD go to The Sacred Heart Mission.

Is this a good idea or a dumb idea?


3 Responses to “Good Idea or Dumb Idea? #4 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Footy”

  1. Rob said

    Charity is good. Music and Sport should never be mixed though.

  2. Andrew said

    Football sucks. I bag the Captain Comic theme for my band. I don’t care what team it is.

  3. neilmoog said

    You really shouldn’t let shirt lifters post on your sight bro.
    This is an awesome idea!. RRR would be in for sure I’d reckon.
    There is, in this town anyway, a long and proud tradition of the music community mixing with the sporting community.
    If you don’t like it……GO LIVE IN F*@KING IRAN!

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