March 31, 2006

This is pretty cool:

To celebrate Craig's birthday and his 28 years on this planet, i have decided to do a short tribute to the guy, since i cannot be in melb to help celebrate.

Therefore, Craig, friends of Craig – read on for…


— cue cheesy music —

  • Craig running across the Eastern Freeway several times with Rob in peak traffic to remove the pieces of my shattered bookshelves (a moving mishap)
  • Drunkenly ringing Switzerland from Pony on Fender's mobile
  • Being the only one to care that Pigdon St's outdoor toilet was going up in flames. Some genius had put a candle on top of the toilet and it had toppled over. see
    Despite his drunkeness, Craig was the only one at the gathering to responsibly organise water distribution onto the flaming cistern. Incidentally, my fave Craig quote was one that i heard that night – "Rob you dickhead, stop laughing and get a bucket of fucking water!!!!!!" (second one is "It's 5am. The trams are running. Where is my goddamn taxi?!!")
  • Denting the shit out of Jacinta's cookery pan in a drunken music-inspired moment
  • Wiping up the vomit from the kitchen floor at my 21st (what a champ – wasn't even his vomit)
  • Playing bass in Look Who's Toxic

So there is my Craig tribute – u can add any other memories and send it on. Hope u have an ace birthday Craig!!

Thanks Sam-in-Switzerland. That's gotta be one of the nicest messages I've ever gotten for my birthday.

Neil also sent me a lovely birthday message, showing me at my best.

Happy Birthday Anderson!

Thanks guys.


4 Responses to “Tribute”

  1. hayso said

    Happy Birthday my friend, hope you have an awesome day

  2. neil said

    What a suck job. Mine was better……more subtle.

  3. jade said

    happy belated bday

    cum to my bday and we’ll celebrate yours too

    saturday the 8th of april
    bedford hotel
    1 flemington road


    your dannyboy will be there (and hopefully robbo too!!!). i give you permission to make out with him. (them?!)

  4. Jade — I’ll be there. Thanks for keeping it 3051 (even though that probably wasn’t deliberate).

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