(Everything But) Zed’s Dead

March 27, 2006

My mobile phone continues is long, drawn-out death.

During the week, unknown callers were being displayed as "Private Numbe>", and after this weekend I only have phone numbers for people with names beginning with Z. Which is great if I need to call Zac or Zoltan, but if you're Aaron, Yolanda, or anyone in between, sorry, but you're out of luck.


2 Responses to “(Everything But) Zed’s Dead”

  1. neilmoog said

    Dude…What’s the delay with the new phone already?

  2. I thought I’d already written about that. Sorry.

    B Digital (the phone company I’m currently under contract to) likes to set up automatic direct debit payments. They’re crazy for them. It’s almost an obsession, like they’re some kind of weird, direct-debiting cult, praying to their three gods Visa, Master Card, and occasionally Amex.

    Anyway, the direct debit was working well. They sent me bills, but as I was automatically paying them, they always said “you don’t owe us any money — thanks!” So, I ended up ignoring them.

    My credit card expired a little while ago. Since then, all those bills that I’d been throwing away said “hey, fucktard, give us your new credit card details!”

    I was going to get a new phone as part of a special loyalty program, which basically allows you to get out of your current contract three months early if you sign up to another one with B. But, you needed to have paid your prevous three bills on time to prove you weren’t a deadbeat. I didn’t find out I was a deadbeat until I walked into the B Shop to sign up for a new phone.

    So, I’ve paid the bill and updated my details, but I can’t get the new phone for three months, by which time I’m out of contract.

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