March 22, 2006

Recently, Hayso wrote a rather blunt opinion of a band his band played with. There was a rather nasty reply from the other band, which led to Hayso apologising, which led to Neil getting angry, which led Hayso to ponder whether he should be a prick or not.

In my opinion, it’s the responsibility of anyone who writes anything on the internet to be very thoughtful about the words they choose. Once you click that Submit button (or type mput *.html if you’re old school), those words become part of the public domain. Even if you delete them from their original source, chances are that a copy still exists in Google’s cache, the Internet Archive, RSS readers, and so on, and people are going to be able to find them.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t express an opinion. I encourage that. I’m just saying that you should exercise a little editorial control. If you couldn’t be bothered, maybe the opinion just isn’t well formed enough to be comitted to public record.


12 Responses to “Responsibility”

  1. hayso said

    I like your thought process on this – I will take more responsibility from now on though

  2. neil said

    What the hell are you talking about Anderson? I thought the internet was there for people to express and exchange ideas and thoughts, in a totally free and un-restrained enviroment. People are aware that their words are there for everyone to see, thats why they put them there. So why should we “exercise a little editorial control” ?, thats for the mainstream media to do. I am continually supprised and disappointed by your retro conservative thinking Anderson.

  3. I’m not saying don’t express your ideas. I’m saying be careful that you mean the words that you choose.

  4. neil said

    That’s a fair call. Your alright Anderson. I don’t care what all those other people say.

  5. Andrew said

    “be careful that you mean the words that you choose”

    Those are words to live by. Remember on the web if you say “gee I saw this band support Toxic last night and gee they sucked balls” you better be able to back yourself up, and your much better off if you says “the band I saw sucked balls because their guitarist was constantly out of tune and I hated their melodies”. It’s less harsh because you’ve explained yourself.

    But I’d never tell anyone not to tell it how it is. A friend once reviewed a band that supported my band in a harsh way and received a very angry email from that band’s singer. That email rocks and has provided me with much amusement over the last couple of years. I laugh and laugh at his suggesting it is the university music schooling of his band members that matters, not the fact his songs suck balls.

    So… um… yeah.

    As a band member I’d hate to read “gee, that band really sucked”, I’d want to know why. Was it the songs? The singer? The guitar playing? Did they just find us boring? All of which would be easier to take than “you guys suck”.

  6. hayso said

    I totally agree with all the above…but in retrospect when I said that they “sucked” i did not think I was writing a review and I definately never expected these guys to actually read my little blog.

    Maybe I should have explained a little more, but I am no critic and maybe therefore should not being saying anyone “sucked”.

    I’d also like to note that i thought the sucked in many ways.

    1. The show was boring
    2. In the middle of the gig the lead singer read a magazine review of themselves…hmmm I wonder if it said bad things
    3. The songs were not to my liking
    4. Though not necessarily their fault the sound was crap and the levels were off. That said when we played I thought the sound guy did a great job

  7. neil said

    They also call themselves Kathematics, because the singer/guitarist is named Kath. Does she love herself or what. If this is the currant trend,I want the following name changes to take place:
    Look Who’s Toxic= Look Who’s Neil
    The Sleepless Immigrants=The Sleepless Hayso’s
    U2= Ubono
    Rolling Stones=Rolling Keith’s

  8. Jesus, you’re bloody kidding me, right? You play in a band called Look Who’s Toxic for christ’s sake — you can’t go around bagging other peoples’ band names.

  9. neilmoog said

    Yea…..Look Who’s Toxic is real egotistical.
    Sure it’s a crap name, but it’s not egotistical (that word again). And Fuck!….you chose it….you clagbag.

  10. Andrew said

    And nothing shits me more than a band who doesn’t understand that most (yes MOST) people will think you’re crap just because. For no other reason other than they don’t like you. And that’s not personal or anything like that, they just don’t like your music.

    If you can’t understand that, and get upset when someone says you’re crap, then you don’t understand life.

    Now my personal hatred of [popular artist] is personal, and I’d understand if he got upset at some of the things I’ve said about him. But I hate him for reasons he can’t control and I hate him for the same reason I hate Wolfmother. I think they’re really really really really average and yet they’re held up on this pedestal of genius that I don’t think they deserve and that shits me.

    And when I say “i hate them” I don’t really. I hate the hype around them. I don’t hate them personally, and I’d hope they understand that if I said somewhere “gee, I hate blah”.

    I guess that’s the sort of case I’d want to think carefully about what I said. I don’t really mean that I HATE them. Make sure you mean what you say.

  11. neil said

    Now Hayso’s totally removed the whole post and counter post’s.
    What is going on here!.
    Am I the only one who gives a fuck about being free to say what you want, and not care about what other people think?. What sort of free thinking, modern western men are we?. Are we just here to please and appease other peoples sensitive structures of self-admiration?. Are we going to pacify or assasinate our own opinions and beleifs in order not to offend others?. Are we to affraid to shatter peoples confused and delusional aspirations of fame?.
    I’m going to have to seriously re-consider my relationship with all of you.
    “It’s better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees”

  12. hayso said

    long live the power and the passion but i have it beaten out of me

    I’ve copped so much over these two damned letters su i could have used ro but i spelt sucked instead.

    i am really considering closing my blog all together…there is a thing as free speech but fuck you cop a lot of crap for it and i’m sick of it

    neil…you are right, but i’m not as strong as you…i wish i had the power and the passion

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