March 21, 2006

Chris and Craig

I’m not sure what to make of our Sydney audience. We worked our arses off and played a really ace show, but, to me, the audience just didn’t seem very appreciative at the time. Maybe we’re crap and Sydney people are too polite, but everyone I spoke with afterward said they really enjoyed the show.

Maybe Sydney is even worse than Melbourne when it comes to showing appreciation? Maybe it’s because we were playing on Sunday afternoon, just after everyone had Kangaroo burgers? Maybe it’s because up until then, they’d only had artsy-electro-noise to entertain them?

Either way, we enjoyed ourselves. I finally got to meet Karen and Ben — Karen is Jo’s younger sister, Ben is her husband and the gig was their wedding anniversary. I met a whole bunch of pretty cool people, just like this guy, Chris. A lot of them seemed to be English, but I guess that makes sense since Ben’s from Manchester.

I also managed to befriend the two beautiful bartenders who were working at the venue, who kept my glass of whiskey full for most of the night. I was hoping to meet up with them later at The Metro, but I couldn’t get in, probably due to do with my inability to walk or talk straight.


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