Preseason Worries

March 9, 2006

I’m pretty worried about the way the Dogs’ preseason is going. We put in a pretty insipid performance against the Demons at Marrara, and we were caned by an undermanned Richmond in Shepperton. I know that it’s only the preseason and we don’t want to peak too early, but I’m getting a strong sense of deja-vu — it feels just like we’re playing with “our mastermind” Peter Rhode at the helm.

On the plus side, it sounds like Peter Street and Travis Baird put in a pretty good showing in Shepperton. If these two can put together some form, they might just be able to cover for Darcy’s absence.

Maybe I’ll have a good, long chat with the boys at the Family Day.


One Response to “Preseason Worries”

  1. neilmoog said

    Agreed…It’s not looking too crash hot. It’s a bit of a worry.
    It’s a long year though, and we might get it together.

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