Domain Name

March 9, 2006

I’ve got a free domain name registration just waiting to be used, and I’ve decided to use it to set up my own little personal site.

Which domain name should I register?

  • something else?

In an ideal world, I would’ve used, but someone’s taken that for some dodgy purpose. I should probably steer clear of too, as people will probably get confused. Another problem with both of these is that they end with “”, which makes me think of that song by The Verve. And I don’t like The Verve.

I’m not sure registering a domain that’s not related to my name is a good idea. sounds OK to me now, but what about in six months time when I’ve given up the booze? is my favourite at the moment. I find it really easy to type, as it was has been my login to many NT networks over the years.

Anyway, give me your ideas. You can check if a domain is registered using the WHOIS Search on Network Soloutions’ web site.


3 Responses to “Domain Name”

  1. Andrew said

    I’ve never liked domain names related to my actual name. It seems so … crazy to me. Like painting your name on your house in really giant letters. I received my name as a domain name for free in 2000 but never used it.

    There is always someone else with your name out there. It seems rude to claim it for myself.

    On the other hand I don’t mind the idea of reging just your last name. At least you can share it. I believe David Bowie lets other Bowies use his domain name for email (for a fee).

    I’m thinking of registering as a LWT fan site but I’m scared of getting bombed by some nutjob.

    Not that I really like my domain name. Stupid uni IRC nicknames.

  2. Mum said or .com

  3. rob said

    sorry to be all web conservative, but those friggin’ cran.ders.on websites give me a headache.

    i vote for it sounds cool.

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