February 20, 2006

Last Thursday I was 110 kilos. On Saturday night, I was 120. I weighed 115 kilograms on Sunday morning. Something tells me my scales are lying to me.


2 Responses to “Scales”

  1. neil said

    Man!, We should start calling you Oprah.

  2. […] Now that I’ve lost faith in my scales, I’ve decided to use Mum and Dad’s scales as my reference point. Last night, they told me I weighed 118.2 kilograms. Since the middle of September when I started my 100 kilo campaign, I’ve only lost 17 kilograms — not the 25 I thought I had lost. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out. When you start to look at the numbers, though, maybe it’s not too bad. I started on the 13th of September, which was 168 days ago, or 24 weeks. They say that a healthy rate of weight loss is about a kilogram each week, but they also say that muscle weighs more than fat, and I’ve definitely put on muscle. […]

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