Google vs. MSN Search

February 17, 2006

Microsoft is offering prizes to users of it’s MSN Search Engine. I like free stuff, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I went to and looked at their “How To Play” example, which uses the phrase “Xbox 360” as it’s search term. So I tried the search out on Google and MSN.


Google gave me what I expected. The page started with a couple of links to news articles about Xbox 360 shortages, and then the results proper started. I got,’s US homepage, and the Xbox page on I generally browse with a pretty small window, so that’s all I saw other than the ads on the right of the screen.

MSN Search

MSN Search, on the other hand, gave me three ads in a green box, followed by a series of links to buy an Xbox 360 from a variety of retailers. These things took up all the room in my small browser window, so I had to scroll down, something I rarely have to do on Google. The first actual result was displayed as “”, which is actually a redirection to the same site Google gave me. Next was a link to “ – Get a FREE XBOX 360!”, which just reeked of spamminess so I ignored it. The final link I saw was to IGN’s Xbox 360 pages.

While I still love free stuff, MSN isn’t going to win me over that easily.


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