The Most Racist Band In The World

February 16, 2006

Look Who’s Toxic had an actual band practice last night, which was a refreshing change to sitting in Rob’s bedroom mixing our recordings. We worked on a few new songs, one of which has the working title “Hot Niggaz”. Add this to our recent songs “Asians Feed Me”, “Lebbo Justice Now” and “Tell Me Why I Don’t Trust Homos” and a worrying trend begins to emerge. Maybe Neil and I need to start writing some of the band’s lyrics.


5 Responses to “The Most Racist Band In The World”

  1. Andrew said

    The magic word (remember this when you’re in court) is “irony”.

  2. hayso said

    or satire – freedom of speech – rock and or roll

  3. elrobbo said

    Easily explained:
    * Hot Niggaz: “hot niggaz, touch the sound, the white integrity, is going down” = compliment to our african american brother’s ability to write music, while bagging out white people (who have lost their integrity). This probably is most relevant to VCA graduates.
    * Asians Feed Me: “Asians Feed me, with the sweet and sour pork and the honey lemon chicken”. I like Asian food and as a consumer I choose to eat it. I give them money for their fine food. Therefore they happen to feed me.
    * Lebbo Justice Now: Fair enough. But fuck dudes, who takes our songs seriously? “The blood of the dead is the blood of the lettuce” etc. I like Lebanese people, and their food is also awesome. Didn’t we rename this to “It’s Ghetto Justice Now” anyway? It was a very topical song a couple of months ago. It was so wrong it was so right.
    * Tell Me Why I don’t Trust Homos: It’s a song about how stupid homophobia is. Like when meatheads are bagging out homos they always say stuff like “if I bend down they’ll fuck me in the arse”, but it’s bullshit because a gay guy probably wouldn’t be attracted to a neanderthal fucktard who’s wearing an exact copy of their wardrobe as it looked 4 years ago. Remember it’s meatheads who are often listening to their pussy arsed Aqua megamixes and living with their parents. So who’s the homo now?

    So this hole keeps getting deeper. I love everybody x.

  4. elrobbo said

    Hey I’ve just noticed that there isn’t a swear word (other than my tirade) in this whole journal. Man I’ve got a potty mouth.

  5. Matt said

    you sure do, cunt-face.

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