Four Day Week

February 7, 2006

Andrew has been writing down his ideas for a four day week, and asked for people to post their comments. These are mine.

Lots of people need to work with other people. Crane operators need people on the ground. Teachers need students. Stockbrokers need investors. Lumber yard guys need carpenters. Office drones need managers. Junior editors need senior editors.

The management overhead of coordinating everyone you need to be at work for you to work would be nightmare. Sure, you could hire more people, but that’s going to bring more management overhead, which will result in having to hire even more managers, and do you really think the world needs more managers?

I’m all for flexible working arrangements. Got a job where you don’t need to interact with others? Sure, work a four day week. Ten hours a day, give up your annual leave, whatever. You could work from home if you’d like. But too many of us are too deeply rooted in the workings of industry to be given that kind of flexibility. But hey, that’s why we’re being paid, right?


One Response to “Four Day Week”

  1. Andrew said

    It think the construction example is good but does crane person one need to work with team one all the time?

    One good effect of flexibles hours and days is that it forces companies to spread the knowledge and load of work around. I’ve seen far too many projects come to a screaming halt because someone has a day off sick. That should never happen.

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