New Phone?

February 6, 2006

My current phone is getting a pretty crappy. The buttons are tempramental, the screen’s rooted, the camera’s all scratched up and it’s getting harder and harder to hear what the hell people are saying to me whenever they call. Thankfully, I’m able to get a new phone from the 28th of February.

I’m thinking that the Sony Erricsson K750i looks alright. It has a two megapixel camera, which could serve as a medium-term replacement for my old camera, may it rest in peace. It also has a sliding lens cover, which is a nice feature. I’m hesitant to buy another Sony Erricsson as my last one got to the point where the joystick was unusable, but I’ve been reassured that these problems have been fixed.


6 Responses to “New Phone?”

  1. Andrew said

    Erisson phones have always been subpar and Sony are evil. So I couldn’t tell you to buy one without wrapping my hands around your throat and squeezing first.

    Why can’t you just buy a phone with phone calls, SMS and big reminder menu and a LOUD speaker for us deaf musos? Screw your stinky cameras and crazy USB cables.

  2. neil said

    My friend has one of these and hates it. Says that the joystick is crap.
    Why dont you try the LGU880?

  3. Yeah, I read one review that said the joystick was hard to get used to, but really nice once you have. The LG U880 looks OK, but it’s only got a 1.3 megapixel camera, it’s exclusive to 3 (which means I’ll have to wait until May, when my contract actually expires) and, worst of all, it’s pink.

  4. Good point about Sony… I did promise myself that I’d avoid buying Sony products for all of 2006.

    But I want a phone with USB cables, Bluetooth and a camera because I’m a nerd, and part of being a nerd is buying gadgets.

  5. hayso said

    love the gadgets

  6. […] OK, so after much complaining about my mobile woes, I've finally taken the plunge, broken out of my current contract, and have signed up for a $79 capped plan on Vodafone with a Sony Erricsson K750i. […]

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