Good Idea or Dumb Idea? #2 – Licenced To Ill 2006

February 6, 2006

Licenced To Ill is a great record with some awesome songs, but the music is very minimal and it sounds pretty dated to my ears.

I’d love to get some bands to record their take on each song from the album. Imagine Look Who’s Toxic’s version of Time To Get Ill, Tri State Lovers’ Paul Revere and The Drones doing Slow And Low.

The only rules are that you have to stick with the original lyrics in their original order, but you can substitute your name for any names in the original. In Time To Get Ill…

“I’m cool calm collected – from class I was ejected,
Just me, Mike D., and M.C.A. – we’re rarely disrespected”


“I’m cool calm collected – from class I was ejected,
Just me, Deepaul, and Heavy C – we’re rarely disrespected”

Imagine the CD launch — the stage is set up with all the equipment every band will need, then they play the entire record, tag-team style.

Is this a good idea or a dumb idea?


5 Responses to “Good Idea or Dumb Idea? #2 – Licenced To Ill 2006”

  1. Andrew said

    It’s exactly the sort of thing that gets me off. You’ll have huge fights over who gets to do what song though.

  2. Andrew said

    And I suspect it’ll be more fun for the bands than the crowd. But screw the crowd.

  3. neil said

    This could be the greatest idea anyone has ever had. You should organize this ASAP. Matty can release it.

  4. Andrew said

    Have the gig in the Green Room. You’ve at least got what… 18? bands with about 3 members each at the venue before you even get any fans showing up to watch.

    I wanna do girls!
    Girls in the Green Room!

  5. […] I guess this idea is very similar to my Licenced To Ill 2006 idea, but I reckon it'd be very cool if someone — say the RRR, The Espy and The Sacred Heart Mission — got sixteen bands to each record one club's theme song. They could stick them on one CD, which can then be sold for $8 each. That's 50 cents per song, so you don't feel too ripped off at having a 15 minute version of Freo Way To Go ruined by some electo-anarcho-punk collective. All profits from the CD go to The Sacred Heart Mission. […]

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