Bike Wheel

February 6, 2006

I had a nice weekend planned for my bike and I. On Saturday, I was going to ride out to Hawthorn to check out the Crumpler Factory Outlet, and then on Sunday, Jo and I were going for a ride along the Merri Creek to have a picnic in the Edinburgh Gardens.

I was out on my bike on Friday night, riding home from work via Matty’s place in Brunswick, and everything was hunky-dory when I put it in the laundry. When I got up on Saturday, however, my bike was stuck — the back wheel has become buckled somehow and it was rubbing right up against one of the brake pads.

I took it to Brunswick Street Cycles, thinking it would be a pretty cheap and easy thing to fix. After all, the bike cost me $200 — a single wheel couldn’t be any more than $40, could it?

Of course, I was wrong. The cheapest wheel I could get was $80 plus $20 labour, and they can’t get around to doing it until Thursday, which is when I’ll be picking it up.


4 Responses to “Bike Wheel”

  1. hayso said

    there is your problem… BRUNSWICK st cycles. Call werribee bike shop I bet it’s less than $40 for a new wheel, and jesus it shouldn’t take anymore than 5 mins to un screw two nuts, put the wheel and on then your on your bike…literally

  2. neil said

    Hayso’s right. These fucking pseudo hippies in Brunswick St only care about popping disco bickie’s and ripping dudes off. All the more reason to move back to Wezzbang, we look after our own.

  3. You’re trying to get me to move back to the 3030 now?

  4. hayso said

    whoa whoa whoa…i don’t think wezza could handle such a move, i definately wouldn’t recommend as i’m highly jealous of your current locale, but i think you could get to 3030 for such a simple bike operation via train

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