Good Idea or Dumb Idea? #1 — Bike Helmet with Speakers

February 1, 2006

I want to listen to my iPod while I’m on my bike, but I don’t want to wear earbuds — I’m still a little nervous about riding my bike through town during peak hour, so I want hear everything that’s going on around me.

So, why doesn’t someone put some little speakers inside my bike helmet, right above my ears? I’m not overly fussy about sound quality; I just want to listen to a little Johnny Cash as I ride home after a few drinks, or maybe some Daft Punk or White Stripes to encourage me to get up that damn hill.

Is this a good idea or a dumb idea?


15 Responses to “Good Idea or Dumb Idea? #1 — Bike Helmet with Speakers”

  1. hayso said

    thats an awesome idea…but i thinks it’s easier just to use headphones

  2. neil said

    I also think this is a top notch idea.

  3. Matt said

    These headphone/bike shenanigans sound potentially very dangerous.

    Be alert on the roads.

    A concerned prude.

  4. Mum said

    They make them for motor cycle helmet (built in), but bicycle helmets don’t usually cover your ears???????

  5. hayso said

    hey what about those mp3 sunglasses??

    why not buy some of those?!!?

  6. @matt: That’s why I want this helmet in the first place. It’s for low-volume background music. I don’t want to wear my ear buds on the road.

    @mum: They wouldn’t cover your ears, they’d have to be just above your ears.

    @hayso: I hate sunglasses, and what am I going to do with my actual glasses?

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  8. bennyp said

    much better to graft a set of hifi computer speakers with a big old sub on the back, then everyone gets to hear your crappy music 🙂

  9. Lance said

    We’ve got little speakers that work great with bicycle helmets. You can use a piece of Velcro folded around the straps. Here’s how they look on a bicycle helmet:

  10. Great idea! I came across this post while looking for that exact thing. I just got a knit hat with speakers in it which sound amazing. I’m wondering if you could install these hat speakers in a sweatband inside a hat somehow.

    On a bike, my ear buds keep popping out, so a solution would be great.

  11. Roger said

    They already have cycling helmets with speakers. Just google it and it will pop right up!

  12. w0zza said

    I took a pair of old earphones, took out the head loop. duck taped the speakers just above my ear. And it is terrific, I can listen to music and hear everything around me. works a treat, bit messy but does the job. I am looking at finding 32Ohm oval Mylar speakers to replace it and make it look neat!!

  13. Bill said

    I know if Florida this is one of the only options you have on a bike as riding with “headphones” is illegal.

  14. bishop dinsmore said

    to all pitching in here:

    the question is this: can any system provide music while leaving ears also open to hear approaching traffic. a number of the solutions offered here cover the ears with speakers or are essentially earbuds. using this sort of setup is a proven and well-known uber-danger. so, for the safety of all, only offer solutions that do NOT obstruct hearing surrounding traffic.

    i’m looking to the azonic surround sound helmet as a potential, but until i try one i would not endorse it. could be good or bad.

  15. john said

    google tunebug, they have a helmet speaker

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