Get Your People to Talk With My People

January 31, 2006

Look Who’s Toxic now has a manager… not an experienced one, but it is someone who believes in what we do and will hopefully be able to sell us better than we can sell ourselves.


5 Responses to “Get Your People to Talk With My People”

  1. Andrew said

    One of the many steps toward selling out. Congrats!

    When are you touring to the Burvale? I think you’d break all these suburban toolbags.

  2. Thanks. Hopefully we’ll be getting to Burvale (wherever that is) soon, but the more pressing task before me is to make a list of brands I will endorse, brands I won’t endorse and brands I’m indifferent about.

  3. Jessica Turnip said

    I heard that your new manager is really cute and has excellent hygiene.

    Is this true Craig?

    signed anun.

  4. Andrew said

    Cute managers get the gigs. As long as the SOUND cute on the phone anyway.

    Focus on finishing the EP for your hungry fan(s)!

  5. Matt said

    The wheels are in motion for two releases in April/May:
    a single/ep (featuring paul on drums), and another with brand new stuff with neil on drums.
    Whether or not the new material will be ep or album depends on the boys work ethic, which till now has been earnest, yet perhaps a little slackeresque.
    We will finalise release dates mid-february.

    matt powell – manager and friend of the best band in melbourne. (don’t blush craigy)

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