Saturday Story

January 30, 2006

It was an overcast summer’s day in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. I’d just pulled myself out of bed and was about to cycle to Rob’s house. At the last minute, I decided to take my camera along to take some happy snaps of the guys while we did some mixing, and maybe take some shots of anything interesting I found along the way. My camera and Nintendo DS were already in my backpack, so I strapped it on and set off.

Initially, I was glad I took my camera. There had been a car accident on Errol Street, where a car had ended up on the footpath and took out the verandah* in front of Burger Republic and the Chinese place next door — it looked pretty spectacular. I locked up the bike and took some photos of the carnage, thinking they’d look nice on my Flickr page (it would’ve been a good way to push those silly South Park characters off the front page, too). There was a little spitting of rain, but I didn’t mind and didn’t think anything of it.

After taking the photos, I got back on my bike and was on my way for real. The rain was getting very annoying on my glasses. I got some respite from the rain when I reached the leafy bike path that runs alongside Melbourne University, but by the time I reached VicRoads on the corner of Cementary Road and Lygon Street, I was getting seriously wet. VicRoads was closed, so I rode up to the undercover walkway and waited for the rain to pass, taking silly photos of nearby puddles and learner drivers struggling with the rain to pass the time.

Eventually, the rain looked like it was settling down, so I set off again, only to get to Foodies on Nicholson Street before the rain started getting a bit too heavy again. I waited it out, taking more silly photos.

Once the rain had come to a complete stop, I set off again, through the streets of Fitzroy North when the rain started belting down, far worse than before. I’d made it up St. Georges Road, almost as far as the Merri Creek Bridge and was contemplating what to do next. The rain was retarded, I was soaked through, but I was probably closer to Rob’s than I was to home. I decided to wait for another break in the rain and then get to Rob’s a quickly as possible. I took more photos, and eventually got back on my bike.

It was wet and dangerous, but eventually I made it to Thornbury. I was soaked and freezing, much to Neil and Rob’s amusment. Rob gave me a warm shower, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt that didn’t fit and a horrible windcheater with a unicorn on the front I think he was given as a joke.

After showering and getting dressed, I started telling Rob and Neil stories of my bike ride. Neil, being something of a gourmet around North Melbourne, wasn’t happy to hear of the accident out the front of Burger Republic, so I got my camera out to show him the photos I took. I tried to turn the camera on, but no luck — water gushed out from underneath the button, but the camera wouldn’t work. I opened it up as best I could and left it out to dry, but no luck. The Nintendo DS isn’t in a good way either. The top screen works, but the touch screen is intermittent. Hopefully I can get that fixed, but I’m not holding out much hope for the camera.

Birthday Wish List:

  • a camera
  • a waterproof bag

* — I know it’s not actually a verandah, but I couldn’t remember what you call the roof over a footpath out the front of a shop.


6 Responses to “Saturday Story”

  1. hayso said

    make sure you try putting both your ds and camera on the dash board of your car in the sun…this worked for a mobile phone which fell into the sink whilest doing dishes…might work

  2. Andrew said

    Be sure to pull the memory card out to get the photos off the camera. You can’t kill a memory card. Not with stinky water anyway.

  3. neil said

    It’s an “Awening” I think… know the roof over a footpath thingy.

  4. It’s an “Awening? I think… know the roof over a footpath thingy.

    I thought about awning, but isn’t that made of canvas or plastic by definition?

  5. […] I had to post this. These are the clothes Rob gave me to wear after I got saturated on Saturday’s bike ride. […]

  6. […] Despite it getting soaked on Saturday, my Nintendo DS is back in full operation. No such luck with my camera, but who cares about taking photos when I can play Mario Kart? […]

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