January 27, 2006

My new iTrip came in the mail today. An iTrip is a little add-on for your iPod that broadcasts a low-powered FM signal from your iPod so you can listen to it through any radio, such as the one in your car.

I was pretty disappointed in it when I tried it out in the car this morning. It took me five minutes to get the hang of how to use it, and then any frequency I tried produced pretty poor results… mind you, I only tried one or two, so I’m not passing judgement quite yet. A quick search of the ‘net gives me people recommending 89.3 MHz 91.3 MHz, 96.0 MHz, 99.9 MHz and 104.8 MHz for different areas around Melbourne, so I’ll have to give them a go and see which works best for me. It seems that 91.5 MHz was the best option for everyone until Vega FM started broadcasting on that frequency.


2 Responses to “iTrip”

  1. hayso said

    i used 91.9 or 91.7 they both work well in the city and western suburbs…but now 91.9 is definatly the way to go

  2. I’ve found 91.3 works pretty well for me, but I’ll give 91.9 a go. I don’t think any frequency is going to work well when I drive past St. Vincent’s Hospital though, which is a bit of a pain.

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