Shinola (Vol. 1)

January 12, 2006

I finally got my copy of Ween’s Shinola (Vol. 1) yesterday. As a Ween record, it sits somewhere in the lesser half of their work (it is a collection of rejects, after all), but it’s still a damn sight better than the regular records of most bands out there.

Gabrielle is worth the price of the record alone. It’s Thin Lizzy done better than Thin Lizzy ever did. Throw in Monique The Freak (old-school Prince with Daft Punk voiceboxes), Big Fat Fuck (perfect for a self-deprecating dieter such as myself, with big fat bass that seems to resonate in my belly) and bizzarre little ditties such as Boys Club and Israel, it’s definitely something that all Ween fans should have.

One thing I did notice while listening to it (and I know it’s not strictly true as both Big Fat Fuck (track 4) and Monique The Freak (track 11) were on Craters of the Sac) is that the songs seem to be in close to chronological order — Tastes Good On Th’ Bun (track 1) sounds very much like something from The Pod, and the later songs sound like they could’ve come from some of Ween’s later records.

A final word of warning though — this is definitely not the place to get started with Ween. If you’re starting out, go pick up copies of The Mollusk and Chocolate and Cheese followed by Pure Guava before you try this. I’m sure if I showed this to the uninitiated, they may well be scared off Ween for life.


6 Responses to “Shinola (Vol. 1)”

  1. Andrew said

    We gave this CD to someone who wasn’t very aware of Ween for xmas and they liked it (at least they said they did…)

    I’d put it right near the top of the Ween pile of goodness myself. I find a lot of Ween CDs have a few songs that are just plain average, but this one is almost all pure gold (IMHO).

    I was going to redo my own personal “Bestish Of Ween” with tracks from this but decided Shinola should just be disc 2 of the best of.

    I hope they haven’t blown their load of good leftovers, leaving Shinola Vol 2 to be a pile of turd.

  2. We gave this CD to someone who wasn’t very aware of Ween for xmas and they liked it (at least they said they did…)

    Cool. Maybe I’m just not giving people enough credit, or your mate is a born Ween fan 🙂

  3. Oh, and I’m sure Ween are sitting on a gold mine. That Craters of the Sac has some amazing songs on it.

  4. hayso said

    the album is great

    i think it would be an easy first listen..more so than choc/cheese
    I would suggest quebec for the first album to listen to

    someday, transistions are both pretty easy listening

    boys club, monique and gabrielle are both catchy tunes

    i fell in love today is also pretty tame for ween

    it’s a great album…but my faves quebec and mollusk are still better

  5. Andrew said

    I started on White Pepper, which is the most “normal” of Ween albums. I then got Mollusk which I also loved.

    I’d agree Quebec would be a good starter album. It has some nice catchy stuff on there but also has the wacky side of Ween that White Pepper lacks and other albums possibly have a bit much of and might scare people away.

    Way back in the early 90s I hated Choc+Cheese. I like it now. Still not so keen on The Pod or God/Ween/Satan although I blame the production more than the songs.

  6. Percy Desmond Allen said

    Are you on fucking drugs?
    “Thin Lizzy done better than Thin Lizzy”………..
    This is heresy!
    Watch your back tubs!

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