“This is my fiance; you tried to pick her up with your Business Card”

December 16, 2005

I guess this is part two of the series “Drunken Craig’s Humiliation While Talking to Girls” (the “I’m a bum; I sponge of my boyfriend” incident is part one).

Last night I was out the front of Rrose on Errol Street with Simone, having a Scotch and Dry before I went home to do some work on lookwhostoxic.com, when I ran into Daniel Gordon, a guy I hung out with from High School (he was a couple of years younger than me, so he didn’t get an invite to the reunion). He was there with a diminutive but lovely girl, who I was introduced to by:

“Craig, this is Blahblahblah, my fiance; once you tried to pick her up once with your business card.”

Well, I’d often joked about doing this, but I had no recollection of actually going through with it. As if to back him up, she then said:

“Yeah, I was cleaning out my car last week and I found your card!”

I was incredibly embarassed. All of this was conducted at a volume far higher than I would’ve liked, but I’m not sure if Simone and her family heard or not. By the time I’d dealt with all of this, they’d packed up and left.

I’m going to Steven Malkmus tonight with her and her boyfriend, so I guess I’ll find out there.


3 Responses to ““This is my fiance; you tried to pick her up with your Business Card””

  1. jade said

    ok dude. i left a msg on your other blog (livejournal) and rob’s livejournal and emailed your band email but have no idea if anyone got the msg since no one checks theier livejournal anymore and i don’t even know if your email works…

    tell rob and dan i got fleas from fiji and they may have fleas now too so they better be careful and clean the house.

  2. Done and done. rob@lookwhostoxic.com was broken a little while ago, but it should be OK now.

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