Vigilante Taxi Drivers

December 12, 2005

It’s tough to get a cab in town, especially at 2:00 am on a Saturday night. I ended up walking from Docklands to the corner of Lonsdale and Spring Streets looking for a cab to take me to Brunswick Street, which wasn’t that far away from where I’d walked to, really… at least I saved myself some money.

When I did finally get a taxi, I sort of wish I hadn’t. We’d just started on our way, in the right lane heading up Nicholson Street just in front of the hospital, when an early model Magna pulled out right in front of us and slammed on it’s brakes. The taxi driver slammed on his own brakes, saving my life. “What a fucking idiot! Fucking teenagers in a stolen car; they almost killed us!” the Tax driver screamed. He flipped on his high beams on and sped off after the probably-stolen Magna. It’s driver, probably terrified of the road raging Taxi driver, took a sharp right turn into Palmer Street, a little Fitzroy back street next to the Catholic Girls School. The Taxi followed him, now right up the Magna’s exhaust. The Magna then turned wildly right into Royal Lane, taking out the house on the corner’s picket fence. The taxi driver, not wanting to beat up his own car, let him go, but not without thinking of taking off after the Magna again. “Just… just let him go…” I emplored, not wanting to get involved in something resembling a scene from Grand Theft Auto.

When I finally arrived at Bar Open, I felt like I really earnt a scotch. Shame it was just about to close by the time I arrived.


One Response to “Vigilante Taxi Drivers”

  1. Mum said

    I hope he didn’t charge you the full fare

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