High School Reunion

December 12, 2005

Went to my 10 year High School reunion on Saturday evening. To everyone who told me that I shouldn’t go, I’d like to admit that you were right and I was wrong.

I shouldn’t of gone. I hated high school, I had no friends in my own year, everyone was fucked-up christian and absolutely nothing has changed. I still found nothing interesting about these people at all. I just didn’t care that Michelle was pregnant and living in Wodonga with a baptist pastor. I didn’t care that Luke had just moved back from Western Australia. I didn’t care that Kate was a housewife in Newcastle.

In another ten years time, I probably would’ve forgotten all about this stuff, so if you’re reading this now and we’re still in touch in ten years time, please remember — don’t let me go to another school reunion.


One Response to “High School Reunion”

  1. […] Last night I was out the front of Rrose on Errol Street with Simone, having a Scotch and Dry before I went home to do some work on lookwhostoxic.com, when I ran into Daniel Gordon, a guy I hung out with from High School (he was a couple of years younger than me, so he didn’t get an invite to the reunion). He was there with a diminutive but lovely girl, who I was introduced to by: “Craig, this is Blahblahblah, my fiance; once you tried to pick her up once with your business card.” […]

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