~123 kilograms

November 23, 2005

I’m getting very, very frustrated. I’ve been working hard. I’ve been careful about what I eat. I’ve been walking to work just about every day (I’ve even started taking detours through the city; my walk home is taking me around an hour now). All of this has been to no avail–I just can’t seem to get below 120 kilograms. I’ve been hovering between 120 and 125 for months now.

Personally, I think it’s because I’ve started eating breakfast, but everyone I ask about it seems pretty adamant that eating breakfast is a good idea. Maybe I should leave home without having breakfast, then eat some fruit when I get into the office? Or is it important that I eat breakfasty foods? I’ve never been good with the idea that particular foods are only for particular meals. Cold pizza for breakfast, Coco Pops for dinner, ice cream sundaes for lunch… wait, this is how I got into this mess in the first place, isn’t it?


6 Responses to “~123 kilograms”

  1. Monkey man, death chicken said

    I’ve heard all sorts of things from “you’re supposed to be hungry all the time and just have small snacks, like grazing monkeys” to “three big meals a day is evil, have six small meals”.

    The body should never go into “survival mode”. ie. You should never really be “really hungry”. Because when you’re really hungry and you eat your body is more likely to turn it into fat so you can survive all that snow and winter and saber tooth tiger bites.

    The theory with breakfast is that breakfast has slow energy releasing foods like fruit and bran and that breakfast should be a fairly big meal. It’s your energy for the day.

    Lunch should be light. It stops you going insane with hunger but shouldn’t be giving you any energy as such. So salid, a piece of fruit, a drink of water. Salad stuff like LETTARSE!!! which is basically nothing food but should fill you up. Or rice cakes.

    Dinner is less light, it’s giving you energy, but not like breakfast, you’re sleeping soon. Protein. Slab of meet.

    I’ve heard eating stuff high in carbs (eg, rice, pasta) after lunch is a bad idea as it take forever for the body to deal with and if you sleep with it in you it turns to fat easier. Dinner should be vegies and meat (like slab of frozen fish on some frozen vegies).

    Walking won’t lose you much weight, but will keep you at the weight you are and healthy. You need to really sweat to lose weight. I’ve found bike riding isn’t enough either, it’s too easy. Everyone recommends the gym. Jumping around like an idiot for an hour every few days would be good (band practice).

    Also, the stomach stretches the more you eat, so if you’re used to big meals, you get hungrier quicker and can fit more in. So reduce the size of meals slowly and you shouldn’t feel hungry all the time. Avoid massive meals, even if they’re good for you. Lots of small meals.

    It is absolutely frightening how much energy is in one tiny little chocolate. Something like a hours worth of running your arse off in two bites. That’s worth remembering. Also worth remembering is that you do burn heaps of energy sitting on your arse doing nothing so those “this much food = this much exercise” things are a little over estimated (but they’re supposed to scare you so pretend I didn’t say that).

    It should be known I’m talking out my arse and am no expert and am only repeating vague memories of things said on year old Celeb Makeover shows and have no experience whatsoever is losing weight.


  2. hayso said

    i have to agree with monkey…except about the walking bit

    If you walk an hour each day, thats plenty to start off with…you will definately lose some weighht doing that.

    When we were overseas we walked everywhere for 4 weeks, and i lost 6 kilos and we definately weren’t eating the “right” foods

    I have since put that back on cos the walking regime has lowered, but I am going to the gym and i haven’t really lost much weight but i’ve gained heaps of muscle – which ways more than fat….

    keep going craig….it’s won’t happen over night but it should

  3. Monkey man, death chicken said

    I’ll admit I’ve lost 5kg by just walking to the station and back most work days each week (about 12 min brisk walk). And we eat nothing but crap. Although I also blame my loss of weight on muscle loss from not lugging amps around for a year. I shouldn’t have a programmers gut and have my ribs visible.

    And I agree often there will be a stage where fat is replaced by muscle and the weight may stay the same.

    Do you feel better? Look a bit better? Weight isn’t really anything.

  4. Monkey man, death chicken said

    And there is always the option of seeing a doctor and getting their advice, particularly if you’ve changed your habits and haven’t noticed much change.

  5. Thanks for the advice. My current plan is to join a gym in the new year. I think the problem here was probably falling back into the old habit of having something to eat just before I went to sleep–not a good idea.

  6. John Camilleri said

    Hi I am in the same weight bracket 120 to 125 I have found that walking and drinking plenty of water bin all the fizzy drinks will reduce fat what you need to measure is your belly and get a figure and 3 months down the line compare. TRemeber you are replacing fat with muscle. If you feel inclned start joggin say walk for 50 mins and run for ten minues and you will start seeing results.

    Do not give up and keep on trying anything you do extra is good for your body and that is the imporant bit.

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