The Mclusky Kris Krindle

November 21, 2005


In November 2004, Mclusky decided to do a band Kris Krindle. The only rule was that no band member could pull their own name out of the hat; as rock stars, the cost of the gifts was obviously of no concern.

First time around, Andy picked out his own name. “Err… guys, I’ve got a problem…" he called. The scraps of paper went back into the hat and they picked names again. This time, Jack went first and pulled out his own name straight away. He threw it back in and the process started again, this time finishing with Andy pulling his own name out again.

After six or seven false starts, Andy finally picked Jonathan’s name from the cap and held the little piece of paper to his chest, not wanting his bandmates to see. Jonathan and Jack pulled out their bits of paper and everyone was finally satisfied.

Driving home through the Cardiff fog, Andy started thinking about what he would get, and who his Kris Krindle would be. After a little thought, he came to the realisation that he already knew!

Andy already had Jonathan, and Jack couldn’t have his own name in his pocket, so that left one possibility–Jack was Andy’s Kris Krindle. With that realisation, Andy smiled a cocky little grin, until he realised that Jack was a shit gift-giver.


4 Responses to “The Mclusky Kris Krindle”

  1. Rob said

    Hey, this isn’t about McClusky (RIP) at all is it????


    x rob.

  2. Rob said

    I mispelt McLusky.

  3. […] I wonder if he’s realised the now obvious irony of my last Kris Krindle related post yet? […]

  4. Angie said

    It’s Kris Kringle, not Krindle

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